Business Services

Everyone values being ready for the worst, and at Low-Key High-Tech, we take that to heart. By ensuring proper maintenance and functionality of your technical infrastructure, your business can operate with less time sapping issues, and more of what you do best. From PC speedup and repair to network protection, we provide you with the tools for a seamless setup.

Due to the variety of services offered, pricing is only available after consultation. Please contact us for further details.


Systems Review

Regular IT systems review is part of a healthy IT infrastructure. We will provide risk analysis to find weak points in your systems as part of our systems review service.

Data Storage Solutions

Every business needs to back up their data. We provide backup solutions to meet your demands, whether that is backing up to the cloud or to an external hard drive we are there for you.
For shared file storage, network attached storage systems offer an easy and redundant option for any sized business. Contact us for a quote today!

Printer Services

Nobody likes using a printer. But unfortunately no business is completely paperless yet. While we are stuck with these dinosaurs, allow us to service them. Our services include printer installation, maintenance and eventual replacement.

The cable snake taking a peak

Network Services

The system that connects computers in your business is one of the most crucial to have working at all times. If any piece of your network goes down, then you can be feeling the consequences in lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. We take network engineering seriously and with us you will not have to worry about losing connectivity. Our solutions range from patch cable installation to firewall configuration.

Disaster recovery plan

Is your business prepared for an IT disaster? There are many things that can cause an IT disaster. Natural disasters such as lightning and flooding can wreak havoc, but so can man-made disasters such as ransomware and phishing. Protect your business and develop a recovery plan today!

Monthly Maintenance Plan

Optionally purchase a monthly maintenance plan that provides discounts on most services offered. See details here.

Wifi Troubleshooting

Wifi problems? We can help. By ensuring proper wifi coverage for your business, you won’t have to worry about dead zones or bottlenecks stopping you from using the internet. From access point installation to general wifi configuration, we make sure you are ready.

Computer Installation

Have a new computer to set up? Give us a call. We can do computer installations from start to finish including domain configuration, software installation and more! Contact us for more information.