Electronics Repair

Consumer electronics repair is currently offered on a service call basis, so there is no need to leave work or home! We come to you with quick and simple repair. Our trained technicians are capable of fixing a wide variety of electronics, from computers and game consoles, to phones and tablets. If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Mobile Phone Repair

Screen Repair – call for devices not listed


iPhone Xs MAX$199
iPhone Xs$169
iPhone Xr$129
iPhone X$145
iPhone 8 plus$99
iPhone 8$89
iPhone 7 plus$79
iPhone 7$69

We also perform repairs on charge ports, cameras, buttons, and more!

Battery Replacement

$29-$69 · Lithium Ion batteries will degrade at some point, losing capacity means shorter battery life and more charge cycles. Restore your phones battery for optimal phone performance and battery life expectancy.

Necessary for Water Damage repairs and bloated battery condition.

Premium Tempered Glass

$15-$29 · We offer tempered glass screen protectors for the majority of popular phones like iPhone, Samsung, and Google. Our installation is quick and painless, and the added protection is priceless.

Water Damage Treatment

$69 · Most of the time, water damage repairs stand a 50/50 chance of being repairable. However in many situations, it is definitely worth a shot to recover information. Give us a call!

Corrosion from water damage on the logic board can cause short circuits

Gaming Console Repair

Call for quote · We service and repair gaming consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo products. Repairs include disk drive replacement, power-supply swaps, and software repairs.

Data Extraction/Transfer

$20 · Whether you need contacts and pictures off an old device, or just a backup of your current device, we can help. Backups and transfers are with working devices. It may cost extra to extract data off broken devices.